CNG Station

Invitation for Expression of Interest/Applications for Company Owned Dealer Operated (CODO) CNG Station Cum General Terms and Conditions.

Eligibility Criteria for Dealership:

A. For Individuals:

  • Nationality: Should be an Indian national.
  • Age: As on the date of application (in completed years), not less than 21 years.
  • Financial Strength: Should have sufficient financial strength. A statement of movable and immovable properties with a valuation report as proof is required.

B. For Others:

  • Partnerships: In case of partnerships, all partners jointly/severely should fulfill the above relevant eligibility criteria for individuals.
  • Registered Co-Op. /Consumer Societies: In case of registered co-operatives/consumer societies, the society should fulfill the above relevant eligibility criteria for individuals.
  • In case companies/incorporated bodies under any statute, the companies/incorporated bodies under any statute should fulfill the above relevant eligibility criteria for individuals.


  • Land must be situated on road front and suitable for setting up fuel station, this shall be subject to technical approval of the orginization.
  • The applicant/owner must hold valid and clear marketable title of land and in evident possession without any adverse impact.
  • Land shall be clear of any and all encumbrances, charge or loan which may adversely impact the holding or long-term leasing of land.
  • Land for lease shall be offered on long term for a minimum period of 30 years to the orginization.
  • Land shall be in strict compliance of necessary statutory guidelines/permissions and approval suitable for commercial use including but not limited to NHAI/PWD, Town & Country Planning, Zoning and Forest etc.
  • Applicant shall independently arrange for all statutory clearances such as The District Magistrate Approvals/NOC, Non-Agricultural conversion, NHAI, PWD, Forest etc.
  • All such land parcel shall be subject to approvals and clearances by the orginization.

Technical Check for Land:

  • Frontage of plot of land should be abutting the national highway/state highway/main road.
  • Minimum plot size should be 2500 Ft. mtrs, With a minimum frontage of 50 Ft. and minimum depth of 50 Ft.
  • The plot size indicated above shall be measured after leaving applicable ROW as per norms of NHAI/PWD/CPWD/State Highway Deptt. / Local Authorities etc. However, the area falling within the ROW limits shall also be included in the lease/outright purchase in addition to the plot size indicated above.
  • In case of land situated on national highway, the applicant will ensure that the land offered meets the NHAI guidelines contained in Govt. of India, Ministry of Road, Transport & Highways No. RW/NH-33023/19/99-DO-III dt.25.09.2003/17.10.2003 and further amendments if any. The offered land should also meet norms of statutory bodies like forest, explosive etc. and the land should be convertible for commercial and CNG Station use.
  • Applicant shall arrange all statutory clearances such as NOC from The District Magistrate, NHAI/PWD, Forest, Non-Agriculture conversion for setting up CNG station, non-encumbrance etc. and No Objection certificate from co-owners, if any. No Objection certificate from the landowner for making application for CNG Dealership & setting up CNG Station on the Land in case of lease land.
  • All such land parcel shall be subject to approvals and clearances by the ORGINIZATION.

Operating Model Option: Scope of Work*:

Scope of the Organization:

  • Civil Work: Drawing, design, and technical details.
  • Equipment: CNG compressor, dispenser, cascade, and CNG automation.
  • Electrical: In reference to equipment to be supplied, installed, and maintained by the organization.
  • Mechanical Work: In reference to equipment to be supplied, installed, commissioned, and maintained by the organization.
  • Signages: Canopy, monolith, high mast, safety and necessary signages, dispenser branding, FSM uniform, hoarding flex.
  • Dealership Commission: Commission for providing the dealership services shall be paid by the organization to the dealer.

Scope of Dealer:

  • Complete civil work: Land development, compound wall, commercial building, driveway, foundations, tube trench, and cover.
  • Electrical: Power connection, solar, DG/GG set, yard light, electrical and cable work for yard light and building.
  • Mechanical: Hoarding structure and installation as per Natural City Gas approved design.


A detailed agreement will be signed after the selection and appointment of the dealer based on the above model.

Application Fee:

Non-refundable Rs. 5,000/- + 18% GST application fee.

Note – Other Terms and Conditions:

  • The organization can anytime cease the application form of any client if the client application form is with malafide intention, lacking any terms and condition, or any other reason which the organization Natural City’s would be harmful to the reputation of the organization.
  • The application fee is the basic consultancy fee received by the organization, and the terms and conditions may change, as the organization is only a middleman company. If the basic above-mentioned terms and conditions are clearly fulfilled, then the organization will introduce another set of rules and guidelines issued by the company for whom this organization is acting as a middleman.
  • All applications shall be scrutinized for the completeness, sufficiency, and adequacy of the documents. Incomplete forms not accompanied by the required attachments, fees, and detail are liable to be rejected.
  • The organization at any time during or at the completion of the process may withdraw/hold, suspend, reject any such proposals without assigning any reason at its sole discretion.
  • Due diligence of shortlisted sites/location/plots shall be carried out for ownership, title clearance, etc.
  • Organization’s representatives may visit the site to evaluate the accessibility, power availability, feasibility as per statutory guidelines. Based on site survey, the site/plots shall be shortlisted for further consideration.

For Company Owned Dealer Operate(CODO)