About Us


The M/S NATURAL CITY GAS, a leading consulting and services organization, acts directly or indirectly as a commission agent, mediator, intercessor, or jobber between the inquisitive client (purported/willing dealers) and the distribution company/firm (whether Indian or foreign). Primarily engaged in the business of providing distributorship, manufacturing, importing and exporting, supplying, finishing, installing, buying, selling, importing, exporting of fuels, biofuels, CNG, LNG, LPG, petrol, diesel, automobiles, oil, lubricant oil, and petroleum products, and oil distillation, etc. The organization is also known for its unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction.

M/S NATURAL CITY GAS is India's largest
and fastest-growing business community.

Our philosophy is a proof of commitment to our business and our service standards. M/S NATURAL CITY GAS believes in you; our work starts with your dreams, and they are our inspirations. We've been home to a new breed of happy and successful people of all ages, races, gender, and socio-economic status.

Message from the Founder of the Organization:

India's growth story is about brilliant entrepreneurs who have been given the opportunity, the environment, exposure, and training to the spirit of entrepreneurship that endeavors to make the impossible happen. I pay tribute to all the entrepreneurs of today for enabling this change and for helping create the India of tomorrow – a confident young generation capable and passionate to take on the world on equal terms.

In every decade, it has undoubtedly been an inspiring journey spearheading our leading organization. On this platform, it is very imperative to attribute our success to our esteemed clients for their trust and unstinting support, and also to our employees who have been the backbone of the leading-edge performance.

While my inspiration comes from the saying, "Be a leader or be with a leader," which has been ingrained in my mind since childhood, I have always professed that one should believe in oneself to achieve the impossible. I strongly believe that if you work steadfastly towards a goal, the whole universe shall conspire together to help you achieve your goal.

It is this belief that has motivated me to take on the challenge of becoming the "India's No. 1" company towards which we are taking small but quantifiable steps.